What To Do If You Need A Dissertation Topic: Useful Advice

While most people have homework and essay writing experience, many do not have the same experience choosing their own term paper and thesis experience. Often students and even freelance journalists find that selecting a research topic is the most difficult component of composing a dissertation. This article addresses this stressful issue and will give you very useful advice in three easy steps to select a topic that you will enjoy and put you on the path to a stellar grade.

3 Useful and Practical Points When you need a Thesis Topic

  •    Do not stress the big picture. Unlike your average homework assignment, your dissertation paper is usually an in-depth examination of a very specific subject. While the page minimums on these assignments are usually significant, do not let this deter you from starting the assignment. If you stress about the page number before selecting a topic, you will find it difficult to concentrate on actually selecting a topic. The secret is that the actual writing process is not different than your regular essay—it is just longer. So avoid the common pitfall of worrying about the page limit.
  • Take the Wheel. The strength of writing a term paper or freelance article is that you are in control. The teacher or professor is not telling you what subjects to write on or giving you a few options that you need to compare and contrast. This is your opportunity to shine so seize the moment. This is a great chance to combine some of your favorite subjects into one article. For instance, if you love electronic dance music and politics, try you could write about the effects of Lady Gaga on the LGBT movement. If you are an engineering student who loves classic cars, there is nothing hindering you from writing about the mechanical improvements in the big three Detroit from 2000-2010.
  • Do not go off the track. While you have near complete autonomy with long form paper topics, it is important to remember that you will need sources to support your position. The last thing anyone wants to do when writing a thesis is to find there is no support for your subject. So before starting a long form research term paper on the relationship between French Neo-Classical painters and video streaming, it is best to do some preliminary inquiries into the components of your potential topic. If you find out the link is not as strong as you need, the topic you want may not be a great choice. However, all is not lost as at this point you can refine your subject. Using the prior example, you may be able to write about how French Neoclassical artists operated like social media in their era. Alternatively, you could compose an article on the use of art in social media movements. The point here is to make sure that whatever research topic you select is that you select something you enjoy, but other sources can support that.

Now that you have these three useful tips for selecting your dissertation topic you are ready to begin the process of selecting your own. Just remember these keys and you will be well on your way to a great topic and a fruitful paper.