15 Inspiring Dissertation Topic Ideas In Geology And Geophysics

Geology and geophysics is a discipline area within natural sciences that focuses on the physical properties and physical processes of the Earth. Composing a dissertation in working towards a master’s or doctoral degree in this field it helps to come up with some really good and inspiring topic ideas. Here are a fifteen topic ideas to consider:

  1. What have been the biggest challenges faced by researchers in the field concerned about climate problems affecting how field studies have developed?

  2. Conduct a comprehensive research study of the ocean and atmosphere and provide a way to track changes in a highly effective and efficient matter.

  3. How is global warming affecting the oceans and climate in different parts around the globe? What areas will face the first noticeable impact that should lead to policy change?

  4. How much does global policy change impact the climate felt in developing parts of the world? Is there a responsibility from developed countries to do more?

  5. What current process are the most effective in tracking the fossil record of life and general evolution? Can you propose a new process that will improve how information is collected?

  6. Choose a tropic area and discuss the ways in which global warming has affected its native wild life and plant life. How significant have the changes been over the last century?

  7. Can geology and geophysics provide a detailed record of how the climate has changed since the start of the industrial revolution? How much of this is purely because of human interaction?

  8. Provide a detailed history of the Darwin’s study of the Galapagos Archipeligo islands and how his work, though setting the foundation for evolutionary studies, was flawed in its methods for research?

  9. On field work, what flaws exist in the way information is studied and then recorded? Do you believe that much of the information we know about the planet today is partially incorrect?

  10. What can millions of years of forms that have evolved in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, U.S., tell us about how life developed and where it did so first in the world?

  11. Contrary to what many believe rising ocean levels, not lowering, is the most likely outcome of global warming’s effects on the polar caps? What does research suggest will happen to coastal towns around the globe?

  12. Can we learn anything from the sinking city of Venice in terms of how the changing climates of the Earth will force people to other regions?

  13. What effects does the El Nino weather system have on coral reefs in other parts of the world? How do changes in the ocean impact the human population?

  14. Conduct a field study on soil composition in an area of your choice and comparing it to other similar areas with the same climate.

  15. How does continental shifting in the oceans affect the weather systems of coastal towns and how has this affected the way people live near these areas?