Five major specifics of doctorate dissertation writing

Every student at their doctoral level is expected to write a dissertation for their degree. Many parameters have to be considered while writing a dissertation at the doctorate level. Your supervisor will obviously expect a high quality academic work from you. The most common mistake that most make at this point is forgetting their basics. While the matter is important, various other things are important as well. The research leg of a doctoral dissertation is obviously of importance but one shouldn't lose sight of things like presentation and good language. The five specifics that one must consider while framing a doctorate dissertation are as follows.


Your research has to be concrete. When you've undertaken this task, you should do it well. The research you're required to do at this level is different from a high school research. It has to be in depth and practical. You can't just read books or things on the web. You are required to get your hands dirty and get hard facts to substantiate the statements you are putting forward. It should be specific and not general. Stick to your topic religiously, if you deviate you will lose points.


Doctorate dissertations have a strict format. You can't just write it in any way you feel like. There are mainly two formats; the APA and the MLA. Most universities follow one of the two formats. Some universities have developed their own formats. Consult your supervisor on the format acceptable in your university. Stick to the framework given. Follow the order given, like; title page, cover page, acknowledgment, table of contents, etc. as advised by your supervisor.


Follow the format that is given to you. Everything should be perfect starting from the font size to spacing to placement of texts. It is important that you do it according to instructions provided.


The language has to be academic and formal. Avoid using too many superlatives. Don't use colloquial words or phrases. Your statements should be compact and to the point. Avoid meandering, flowery and opulent statements.

Check list

Before you submit check your dissertation for plagiarized text using any software that checks for plagiarized text. Check your spelling and grammatical errors. Double check your facts. Any minute mistake in the thesis can make your grade go phenomenally down. Provide a bibliography in the format that your supervisor recommends you to. See to it that all sources have been properly mentioned.

On the Internet you will find sites that provide readymade templates which you can use to format your dissertation.