Writing A Dissertation From Scratch: 12 Unique Ideas

Many students, particularly those who are studying at university, will find that at some point during their education they will have to write a dissertation from scratch. However, this does not mean that you cannot use things for inspiration; it simply means that you should ensure that your work is unique and original.

Therefore, as long as you do not directly copy anyone else, it is still possible to look through a range of other prewritten samples of other dissertations, as well as a wide range of other articles, in order to help you think of good ideas to write about. Furthermore, prewritten essay samples can not only be a great source of inspiration, but they can be incredibly useful for reference purposes, so as to give you a better understanding of how to do the work.

Ultimately, picking a good title to write about will have a huge impact upon everything to do with the research and writing process of the work. Therefore, you should use brainstorming techniques or any other methods in order to help you to come up with a good idea for your work, and only start writing once you are entirely satisfied that the idea you have chosen will be suitable.

To give you some help get you started with your brainstorming, the following is a list of 12 ideas.

  1. An analysis of mobile phone networks and Internet coverage in African countries since the beginning of the 21st century, and how technological changes have impacted upon communication and life in general

  2. An analysis of sunbed use and how it contributes to skin cancer

  3. Identify and analyze a range of different eco-friendly energy production methods and how cost effective they are

  4. How are hybrid cards made and does the way they are currently produced counterbalance any positives that they might have on the environment?

  5. How do Internet memes become viral?

  6. How should modern-day businesses use social media?

  7. Are police forces in the United States inherently racist?

  8. Should it be a legal requirement for new parents to have children vaccinated?

  9. To what extent do modern-day holistic health treatments actually work, and will they ever be medically recognized?

  10. Should parents who allow their children to become obese be prosecuted for child neglect?

  11. Considering the rise of Internet streaming services, what does the future hold for television companies?

  12. Analyze the use of propaganda used by the American government during the Cold War years