A List Of Unique Ideas For A Psychology Doctoral Dissertation

Psychology has a number of elements that continue to fascinate people. Now is your chance to share what you have learned and how to offer something different to the subject. Developing a unique idea for your doctoral dissertation may be challenging since so many perspectives have been explored on the subject. Fortunately, when looking at the challenge itself from a different side if could lead to an interesting topic.

How to Develop an Original Topic for Your Project

A doctoral project is a great opportunity to do a few things. First, you can learn about contributions of other students by studying other papers written. Second, you can work on a list of sources to consider based on what you have learned so far to help you develop raw ideas. Third, you can discuss possible ideas with colleagues and get an idea what others are considering to see if you’re on the same page. Try to consider getting ideas from sources that will encourage you to think outside of the box. You can also consider continuing a previous study conducted to present a different outcome.

10 Writing Prompts for Possible Psychology Topics

When developing a topic for dissertation writing the use of writing prompts can be useful. The right topic makes a difference and it ensures you will have enough content to fit the needs of your guidelines. When choosing your idea with writing prompts think about what stands out and have good insight on sources to use. Students can use example assignments to help create their own writing ideas. It can be difficult to develop a strong topic on your own, but there are ideas out there once you figure out how to view things differently. When you need inspiration to develop a good idea for your project here are 10 ideas to consider that may help create an original topic.

  1. Ability to persevere.
  2. Predicting a sports performance.
  3. How certain nutrients affect a person’s mood.
  4. Drug use and influence among adolescents.
  5. Comparing characteristics of male and female inability to perform sexually.
  6. Elements of distress and dieting.
  7. Physical exercises and how they increase or decrease positive behavior.
  8. Is it possible to have a stable attitude?
  9. How addiction affects the brain.
  10. Understanding potential outcomes of children born to alcoholics.