20 Winning Undergraduate Dissertation Topics In Nursing Education

Nursing is an extremely wide field of study. This presents numerous ideas for your underground dissertation. While every student chooses a topic that he or she deems the best, some stand out while others are bypassed because they are regarded as mundane. What differentiates a good topic from the regular one?

  • Freshness - your topic should new to the mind of the reader. With so many papers written in nursing, it does not add any value to repeat a study or concept that has been studied in the past. Therefore, when choosing a topic, ensure that you settle for a fresh idea that will be captivating area that is yet to receive attention from scholars.

  • Relevance - your topic should resonate with the needs of the society. It will be futile to research and complete a dissertation on an issue that is nursing related yet not relevant to the community. In fact, this will be a waste of time and resources. Your topic must resonate with your community.

  • Focus - provide a very specific area of focus in your paper. This means creating boundaries through specific wording. A topic that is too broad will deny you the opportunity to examine an issue in depth. On the other hand a very exclusive topic denies you a chance to explore your area of interest in depth. Find a balance.

Here are excellent topics for undergraduate nursing education dissertations.

  1. The role of community in caring for the elderly

  2. Engaging the family during therapy for teenagers with eating disorders

  3. Housing condition and management of the mentally ill

  4. Dealing with extreme mental cases effectively

  5. Should health workers listen to the delusions of schizophrenic patients?

  6. Can failure to understand food labels be blamed for poor eating habits and obesity?

  7. Which is the best relationship between a nurse and a patient to boost good health?

  8. Gardening as a stress reliever for elderly patients

  9. Psychological challenges of spouses of people with Alzheimer’s

  10. Laughter as an anti-depressant

  11. The healing effect of music

  12. Is art an effective therapy for maniac patients

  13. Social and esteem challenges to expect from patients with seizures

  14. Tobacco abuse and corresponding knowledge

  15. Clinical issues in management of prostrate cancer

  16. Post ICU management

  17. Drug dependency in recollection facilities

  18. Self assessment by patients and effective management

  19. Securing public water to avert contamination

  20. Public health approach to cancer

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