10 Interesting Dissertation Topics In History Of Canada

Canada has given the world; famous people like Nathan Fillon, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds but most people don’t know that they actually have a pretty colorful history and that there is a lot of topics that you could cover for your dissertation. If you don’t know what to write about for your paper, that’s okay because you will be given some interesting topics that you can cover in the history of Canada.

10 Interesting Topics on the History of Canada

  • Canadian History, you can pick on event in Canadian history and write about it. Talk about its influence on Canada today.

  • British Columbia History, pick a Providence to write about and talk about their history.

  • Canadian Economic History, look at the economic history of Canada and show how it has changed over the years.

  • Canadian Foreign Policy, look at their foreign policies and see their change over time.

  • Canadian Immigration History, just like the United States, Canada has had immigrants that have settled in their country. You can look at a group of the Vikings for your paper.

  • Canadian Politics and Government, over the years in every country, there have been changes in their government and politics. How has Canada’s changed over history?

  • French Canadians, French is a popular language in Canada, and you can look at how they settled in Canada throughout history.

  • People of Canada, look at all of the people that have settled in Canada over the years and choose a group to write about.

  • North American Free Trade Agreement, look at the history of this agreement and tell how Canada came to that agreement.

  • United States/ Canada Relations, the United States and Canada are neighbors, so they do have relations. Look at the different relations that they have had over the years and talk about any disagreements that have happened between the two countries.

This list is some interesting topics that you can do for your dissertation on the history of Canada. Once you start to do your research on the topics above, you will be given a better idea on the specific topic that you can cover. And make sure you check with your advisor to see what is required for your paper before you start. Each school is different, so make sure you know all of the requirements before you start your dissertation and research.

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