List Of Top 18 Unique Dissertation Topics In Education

One of the qualities of a good dissertation is uniqueness. It is achieved by choosing a topic or subject that is rarely studied. In case you go for the common subject, you are required to provide a perspective that has not been pursued yet. This makes your paper to stand out among many others.

You choice of topic should be driven by passion. This is the desire to research in an area you are deeply interested. Choosing a topic from your area of interest make the research and writing processes easier. It also gives you an opportunity to sell your ideas to the world. Further, the topic must be relevant to the discipline and the society at large. It must be related to education and seek to provide a solution to an existing challenge.

Some of the areas you can get excellent topics for your dissertation includes recommendations from your supervisor and committee. These parties are mandated to provide such kind of support. You may also check from new items and follow discussions in the sector. Researchers make recommendations at the end of their work. These recommendations are meant to guide future educationists on the areas to focus on.

Here are incredible topics that will make your dissertation unique and compelling.

  1. Does the Montessori system improve delivery of pre-school curriculum?

  2. Can a student skip pre-school and still compete fairly in latter classes?

  3. Are there unique benefits of going to pre-school before four years?

  4. What kind of tests should be administered to pre-school kids?

  5. What is the optimum ratio of student to teachers in pre-school?

  6. When should students be introduced to money management?

  7. Is testing the best method to measure achievement in primary schools?

  8. Should primary school pupils enjoy more independence than they do at the moment?

  9. Has the quality of primary education dipped or risen?

  10. Are standardized tests beneficial in secondary schools?

  11. Should character formation and personality development take precedence in secondary schools at the expense of academics?

  12. What are the benefits of gender segregation in secondary schools?

  13. Could the introduction of religious studies in schools boost tolerance?

  14. Should universities focus more on entrepreneurship other than traditional subjects?

  15. Is it time university education became universally available like primary and secondary?

  16. What value does mandatory retirement add to the education system?

  17. Is poor training of teachers responsible for weaker students?

  18. Are principals and head teachers administrators or managers?