A Great Collection Of Innovative Thesis Topics In Psychology

Psychology is an area that has already been studied widely and deeply. It seems to be quite hard to find a topic that hasn’t been abused by other students already. If you want, you can try to come up with an interesting suggestion on your own but it’s much more difficult than trying to find something interesting elsewhere.

Searching for a Thesis Topic

You should start searching for a nice idea by looking through other people’s works. It will help you see which psychology topics have already received a lot of attention and which deserve more. Besides that, you will see what a good topic is like and choose a similar one.

After looking through other people’s projects, you can try visiting numerous websites where they suggest nice topic ideas. You need to remember that any of the suggestions are at your disposal but no sooner then you paraphrase them to make them unique. Your project will never stand out and receive a high evaluation if it’s not unique.

A Selection of Psychology Thesis Topics

  1. The connection between the general abilities and metacognitive qualities of a personality.

  2. The connection between the risky behavior and psychological qualities of a personality.

  3. The influence of the implicit theory of trust on the solution of cognitive problems.

  4. The influence of irrelevant problem parameters on the effect of purpose.

  5. The effect of reflecting on psychological conditions.

  6. The inner image of ancestors in the structure of a personal identity.

  7. The perception during the time of a personality crisis.

  8. The perception of induced expressions of a personality.

  9. The dynamics of psychological quality involutions in homeless persons.

  10. Individual, psychological, and temporal predictors of career achievements in a personality.

  11. Individual and typical peculiarities of the emotional experience in a situation of a job loss and search.

  12. The Internet addiction in computer gamers.

  13. The peculiarities of communication and anxiety in teenagers.

  14. The digestion of peripheral information as a factor of psychometric creativity and real creative achievements.

  15. Psychological aspects of personality adaptation in the social environment during the period of early adulthood.

  16. Psychological determinants of Internet addiction in teenagers.

  17. Psychological components of a professional’s innovative potential.

  18. Psychological mechanisms of understanding and creation of metaphors.

  19. Psychological peculiarities of the life sense interpretation by adults from different ethnic and confessional groups.

  20. Psychological peculiarities of the way a person endures solitude in an enclosed environment.