How To Create An Excellent Dissertation Proposal On Fashion

Writing a dissertation proposal is the first step to be taken on your way towards the desired degree. This is where you should outline all key aspects of your research and develop a clear plan of how your thesis will be structured. If you want to explore the subject of fashion in your paper, a proposal will help you specify your topic and understand what direction your research should take.

Things to Be Considered First

Before writing your proposal, you should set a topic and identify your area of interest. Here are some tips to make the task easier:

  • Pick an exciting topic.
  • Listen to your heart. Are you interested in student fashions? Would you like to evaluate fashion trends in the latest summer and winter collections? Or, do you want to explore pet accessories or men’s neckwear? A dissertation on fashion shouldn’t be boring, so select a fascinating topic for your paper.

  • Make your topic narrow.
  • Your thesis should completely cover the topic. Therefore, your proposal should set clear limits. For example, you may explore fashion in a specific country or in specific years.

  • Decide on your area of interest.
  • If your future profession is to be connected with fashion, pick a topic that may be useful for your career.

Writing a Proposal Step-by-Step

Your dissertation proposal should consist of standard sections. Take the following steps to structure your proposal properly:

  • Write an introduction.
  • Present your specific research question and give some background on the fashion topic you are going to explore.

  • Create a methodology section.
  • Explain what sources you are going to use, what data you will collect, and how you will process the information. Analyze why you prefer these specific methods.

  • State your aims and objectives.
  • Try to predict the results of your research. Explain what objectives you have at the moment and how you are going achieve them.

  • Do the literature review.
  • List the books and magazines you used to explore your specific fashion topic. Explain why these materials are valuable for your work.

  • Discuss the constraints of your research.
  • The fashion problem you are going to explore is not isolated. It’s more than likely that it is connected with a range of other larger issues and is dependent on them. For example, if some economic or social issues influence your study area and prevent you from investigating your fashion topic deeply enough, mention it.

These are the general requirements to creating dissertation proposals. Check with your advisor if you are required to add something else to your thesis proposal on fashion.

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