Looking for Free Master's Dissertation Examples Online

Master’s theses are works that partially fulfill the requirements for a degree at university. These writings are not everywhere available. If you are looking for Master’s dissertation online, you will certainly have difficulties. Why? These are not writings such as books and other papers. These are publications in limited number and you can only find in an institution that gave a degree to the authors’ dissertations.

Most of the universities do not loan these publications, they only give them for internal use. That means to use them inside the library and hand them before leaving. However, not all of the students are able to go to the university’s library. They find limited number of publications online.

Universities’ web sites

Every university has a library and libraries have web sites, separate or within the university’s site. You can find Master’s thesis examples on such sites, though limited number, but at least you can go through them.

Contact the university

Some of the theses are not published online, due to their unavailability in electronic form. Of course, we are talking about theses that were presented twenty or more years ago. Anyway, if you are looking for a particular dissertation and you know the author and the year of publication, you can contact the university and ask them to send the paper to you. They will either send you scanned, or via post on home address.

Master’s theses not archived

Universities do not archive all dissertations electronically. They save them in the archive, only if the author paid for archiving. So, if you are looking for particular thesis, do not be surprised if you can not find it. However, there is a bulk of universities that offer available dissertations online.

Why students search examples of papers online?

Most of the students expect to finish their papers sitting in front of the computer or in a library, doing a research, collecting data and now and then going on a field research. They need examples of papers to read in order to write the paper according to the appropriate format and style.

It is true that every university has different requirements for master or doctoral dissertations, but they are more or less similar. If you have an example you will easily write your paper. However, it wouldn’t spare you from anything, it will only give you an idea how a paper of that kind should look like.