Searching For An Example Of Dissertation Acknowledgements

Dissertation writing is a long process. There are many details that you should keep in mind since the assignment contains many important pieces, including an acknowledgement page. This page contains all the people who helped you with your dissertation.

If you do not know how to write this section, it is a good idea to find a few examples to learn a specific writing etiquette. Remember that there are no real guidelines that you should follow. It is your task to select those people whose assistance was important on different stages of the project. The simple suggestions below are designed to help you find good samples:

  • Check the databases of educational institutions.
  • Most educational institutions provide samples of academic papers on their websites. They create special databases that every student can benefit from. You can find such a database by using your search engine. After you get a list of dissertations, sort them by topic, select several papers, and read the acknowledgement pages, paying attention to how these documents are composed and what wording is used.

  • Search for a how-to guide.
  • You can find plenty of how-to guidelines both on the Internet and in the academic writing center. Many educational portals provide free tips and suggestions on how to write a good acknowledgement. It is advisable to get a guide with examples. It also makes sense to get a good template and use it. However, be careful and include only relevant information in your writing.

  • Join a student study group.
  • Students often study together, they use chats and forums to share their ideas, ask for assistance, and help each other. You should search for such a forum. However, keep in mind that it is important to check whether a chosen resource is moderated by a professional educator or else you might end up with a low-quality example of the acknowledgement page.

  • Visit websites of academic writing services.
  • Many writing companies provide sample documents on their websites in order to attract new clients. You can find dissertation samples, along with tips and suggestions on how to write academic documents. If you get a paper related to your subject matter, you can also learn something new about your study area. Hiring a professional writer is also a good option if you need an assistance of a professional.

So, there are several places where you can find great samples. However, you should select them carefully and remember that the best gratitude is those that you express in your own words.

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