20 Compelling Dissertation Ideas On Eating Disorders

Do you need to complete a dissertation on an eating disorder, but have no idea what can be done so that you are able to get a top grade for your project? Then you have to take the time to figure it out and you can start by selecting a high quality title. You’ll see that with the best title for your interests, your ability to get the project right will be highly increased. With at thought in mind, here are 20 dissertation titles that can be used to work on an eating disorder topic:

  1. What are the most common type of eating disorders?

  2. Why is it so disadvantageous to have an eating disorder?

  3. What can be done to make eating disorders more bearable?

  4. Give examples of 3 different eating disorders

  5. Give an example of a story where an eating disorder has ruined a person’s life?

  6. Why so some people have eating disorders while others do not

  7. What are the main types of eating disorders that are out there today?

  8. Has there been a rise in eating disorders over the last 100 years or a decrease?

  9. Is there any method of completely curing an eating disorder?

  10. What eating disorder technological breakthroughs have there been in the last 10 years?

  11. Can eating disorders be passed down to the children by the parents?

  12. What are the symptoms that are suffered by people with eating disorders?

  13. What type of eating disorders are bearable?

  14. What type of foods are the worst for people with eating disorders?

  15. What can be done by the doctors to decrease the level of pain for eating disorder people?

  16. What type of negative aspects does anorexia bring to a person’s life?

  17. What are the biggest disadvantages of anorexia?

  18. How can anorexia be treated?

  19. What are the biggest disadvantages of people who binge eat too much?

  20. How can binge eating reduce the quality of life for an individual?

These titles are a great place to start if you are stuck. However, ensure that you find a topic you can get excited about working on as that will yield the best results down the line.